About Us

WORLD RUNWAY paves the way to cultivate new businesses to create a positive impact in the world.

We focus on various projects focused to add and enhance values to our lives.

Our Passion and Vision

  1. 1. Unite the world as one
  2. 2. Create a runway for EVERYONE to take off to live their dreams
  3. 3. Create fair economic support system for over 200 countries around the world

Our Businesses

  • Global Event Production and Management (Design, Fashion, Art, Food and more)
  • TV Content Production, Global Distribution and Broadcasting
  • Construction of Event Venues
  • Real Estate and Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Innovation Research and Development
  • Investment

Experienced and Collaborative Team

WORLD RUNWAY works together with internal and external team of professionals committed to create positive impact to the world.
Our team is also supported by seasoned and accomplished executive advisors from various industries to assist our investments and every transaction.